Personal Insurance

Quality personal insurance products add peace of mind and security to your life. At McGovern Insurance we provide top quality insurance plans for your personal property, automobile, and home.

Once our specifications are prepared and discussed with you, we present the account to various personal insurance carriers with programs that will meet your specific needs. Our personal insurance executives have extensive knowledge and expertise in high value homes and real estate understand their value to you.

Everyone has something that matters. Personal insurance allows you to hold tightly to what matters most to you, and to let go of worry and “what-ifs.” We offer affordable insurance solutions to give you peace-of-mind that your family, home, autos, and most valuable personal possessions are in good hands if the unexpected threatens the things that matter to you.

McGovern Insurance is an experienced insurance agency that can help with your personal insurance. Call us at (650) 593-8216.

Auto Insurance

Discover the ways auto insurance can protect your autos, and the drivers and passengers you care about. Learn about your coverage options.

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Homeowner's Insurance

Don’t spend one more minute worrying about what could happen to your home. Discover the ways homeowner’s insurance protects what matters most.

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Renters Insurance

Protect your personal belongings with renters insurance, and you won’t have to worry about losing the things which matter most to you. Learn more.

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Umbrella Insurance

Don’t run out of insurance coverage when you need it the most. Learn how umbrella insurance protects you against the largest, costliest claims.

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Flood Insurance

Flooding and water damage can happen to anyone at any time. Discover how flood insurance can protect you rising water, melting snow, heavy rains, and more.

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